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Puppy training in Carlisle
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West Cumbria Testimonials

Jean, Alan & Otto, Frizington
After a chance meeting with Brian (Dogs Listen Up) we took the plunge and enlisted his help with our Miniature Schnauzer, Otto. Although we have had dogs for many years, neither of us had ever had such a young puppy to deal with, and the thought of his imminent arrival in our home was causing some anxiety, since we were eager to give him the best start in life.

Brian came to see us at home before Otto had moved in, and during this visit, he helped us to prepare the house for a new puppy. This was invaluable since it made us focus on basic issues, such as where to house the puppy crate and where to create a toilet area in the garden. The advice that he gave us at this time has enabled us to ensure that good habits were established from the very beginning, and provided a solid foundation for the training programme, which began in earnest when Otto reached the age of 16 weeks.

Otto is now six months old and, thanks to his training, has been a delightful addition to our family. He walks to heel and sits patiently when we come to a stop. He will stay until we call him, and, amazingly, understands the “down” command! We are having great fun practicing the “recall” and have found many places to play hide and seek! With Brian’s advice, toilet training has been amazingly simple, and, in total, we have only had 5 “accidents” in the house.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Brian and his one-to-one training methods to anyone thinking of bringing a new puppy into their home. We will miss our training sessions with Brian, but we feel reassured that we can contact him at anytime should problems arise in the future.
Lorraine & Leroy, Cockermouth.
Brian is great. After just one visit Leroy was walking to heel and doing automatic sit most of the time. He also stopped flinging himself at the window everytime someone walked passed the house. Now I can take him for a walk without the constant worry that he may ‘go’ for someone (he’s rather protective) and people can now come to the house without any problems. There is still room for improvement but with the training Brian has given me I am confident that he will continue to improve. He no longer jumps up and is a joy to have around. Thank you Brian for teaching me how to train Leroy and helping me to get the dog I have always wanted.
Michael & Billie, Frizington.
"Brian has been able to show me in a few short weeks how it is possible to turn a wild exuberant puppy into a good obedient companion. My Cocker Spaniel pup 'Billy' will now walk to heel, sit and wait patiently for me when I stop. He will stay until called to come and is generally well behaved. Billy also had a fear of staircases which Brian managed to overcome in a very short space of time using patience and perseverance. The 'one to one training' in my own home has also enabled Brian to give me advice on 'toilet training' and now at only 20 weeks old it is very rare for Billy to have any 'accidents' indoors. All in all I would recommend Brian and his methods of training to anyone who wants to own a well behaved pet."
Phil & Fly, Allerby
We have a 20 month old Border Collie pup called Fly, which we have had from being a puppy. She is a very friendly dog with people but pulled a lot when taking her for a walk. She also barked continuously when out in the car and generally just misbehaved, running around the tops of the chairs/settees. There was a remarkable improvement after our first couple of lessons with Brian. Fly is much, much better when being taken for a walk, and we have completely cured the barking in the back of the car, and she stays off the furniture. We would have no hesitation in recommending Brian to anyone who is experiencing problems in dealing with their dog
Helen & Cassie, Kim & Geordie. Workington
Brian has helped us & our three dogs with a number of problems. With our dogs being ( 7, 11 & 12 ) it was difficult at times but Brian was there when we needed help.They sit & stay when told, and have stopped barking uncontrollably when visitors ring the doorbell. They are also easier to walk together. Brian showed us the techniques with one dog & we applied those principles to all three, and now have an easier time with all aspects of their behaviour. Many thanks.
Candice & Ruby, Frizington.
I contacted Brian via the website for his help with my 14 month old Shar-pei, Ruby.
In the beginning Ruby was like any puppy boisterous & hyperactive especially when visitors came to the house. With Brian’s help Ruby is now a lot calmer & less stressed. Ruby now sits and stays before leaving the house for a walk which means she is calmer and can now walk Ruby at heal without her pulling on the lead. Brian highlighted the fact that Ruby was unclear about the pack structure & gave me some techniques to use on Ruby such as not allowing her to get up on the furniture unless she was invited to. Within a few days she began to respond to my commands & is now a lot more obedient & responsive. The pack structure has now finally formed & we both a lot happier now. We still have some training to work on such as recall but I believe Brian has helped with the ground work & me & Ruby will continue to work on it. Ruby enjoys the hide & seek games & loves her okay time. I would highly recommend Brian and his one to one training sessions. We will miss our sessions with Brian, and would like to thank him for all of his help.
Dave & Ollie, Wigton.
Brian’s approach and demeanour towards dog training is second to none, his enthusiasm is apparent from the moment you meet him.
He makes you feel at ease straight away and customs to what you want from training your dogs. Both Ollie and Woody enjoyed and looked forward to there training both with Brian and afterward’s with us. Brian’s training method’s are simple to understand, relevant and to the point, but overall lots of fun. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian or his company to anyone of our friends or potential customers.
Keep up the excellent work Brian.
Julie & Lucy, Skinburness
Before we started working with Lucy and myself Lucy was the boss. She would take me for walks and was very excitable. Things started improving within the first visit and has been ongoing ever since. What did amaze Brian and myself was how quickly Lucy picked everything up. Brian was able to adapt his training methods to keep one step ahead of Lucy, so that she was always progressing. We even progressed onto just using hand signals for down and stay which is very advanced. Training classes wouldn’t have allowed us to do this as they always follow a set routine. Brian has given me the confidence to do these things with Lucy and now walks and life at home are much more relaxed.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England