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Puppy training in Carlisle
Dog taining in the North of England


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Southwest Scotland and Borders Testimonials

Pauline & Bru, Rowenburn
Our dog responded well to the training programme of Dogs Listen Up. Their friendliness and capable manner were much appreciated by the dog and her owners. We are confident we can continue the training and continue to see results. Our dog welcomed the trainers
Beryl & Nugget, Langholm
Brian has made a great effort with Nugget, a very headstrong, loopy spaniel he now sits, comes when called and many more obedient orders. Brian has had patience and perseverance and has been well tested with Nugget. I can now take him for a walk without been dragged halfway down the road. Well done Brian.
Gordon & Aero, Langholm.
"Really pleased we signed up for this training. As first time owners of a puppy, we now feel more confident with Aero as Brian has shown us key factors that we needed to implement. Aero is a very happy little dog which we are going to get many years of good behaviour from. It is also reassuring that Brian is just a phone call away in case any new situations crop up."
Pen & Reaver, Blackford
My toy poodles are very obedient but I am bigger than they are so easily in charge of the pack. Our new family member will grow into a big strong Husky may well have taken the lead by force, so I thought best to listen to Brian to focus on training in very important development in first 6 months. Brian soon got an unwilling Reaver to jump into the old van and showed me new techniques and commands. He was always punctual and good humoured throughout. Reaver has come on leaps and bounds, or should I say “sits and downs“!
Yvonne, Amanda & Harley, Longtown
Brian is a wonderful teacher, he has given us the knowledge & tools to continue
to have fun & success with our dog, we have found it is as much about showing
the owner what to do, as it is disciplining the dog & we can now continue to enjoy
him to the full.
Mark, Vicky & Holly, Gretna.
We booked 6 one to one lessons with Lisa for our seven month old Border Collie Holly.
It was well worth the money! Lisa is enthusiastic and clearly loves her job. If you are
lucky enough to get her to train your dog ( and you ) then you can look forward to living
with a very well behaved and happy mutt.

Maureen & Buddy, Annan
Since Lisa started training Buddy he is so much better at home and when he is out walking. We have both learned a lot from Lisa and I would recommend one to one training. Before his training he would not get in the car and after a few relapses he now is willing (but not enthusiastic yet) to get in the car a lie-down in the back. Buddy is still a very lively young dog but he is so much easier to handle now that he is obedient and still willing to learn and to please. He no longer jumps up at anyone who comes to visit us or tries to knock them over in his haste to say hello to everyone.

Norma, Max & Zac, Dumfries
I have found 'Dogs Listen Up' staff very friendly. Lisa was my trainer and was great. I had two chocolate Labradors to train. The training went really well and I enjoyed every minute of it. I now like taking my dogs out with no more pulling any more and no jumping up. I would advice anyone to do the training.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England