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Puppy training in Carlisle
Dog taining in the North of England


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Penrith and Lakes Testimonials

Denise & Robbie, Kendal
"We had a beautiful natured 10 month old Border Collie with a huge problem that we couldn’t solve, and that was his fears of cars, he would go crazy and even bite whenever one came near him. I called Brian, Robbie loved Brian and I really liked his approach which was gentle but firm. After a few sessions Robbie began to understand that he was safe and what was expected from him. I can now take him for a walk along the street without it becoming a major battle, I am so grateful to Brian and would recommend him to anyone who is having problems with their dog, I consider him an excellent trainer."
Lindsey and Chewy, Kendal.
"Within 6 weeks Chewie has changed from an aggressive, uncontrollable beast, into a loveable family dog we all adore. A small price to pay for his happiness and ours for the rest of his life. Thank You"
Pat & Paddy, Barrow
My Springer Spaniel Paddy always took me for a walk, with Brian’s help he has improved in so many ways he is more obedient, less vocal. Although we still have goals to meet, but with Brian’s involvement I’m sure we will achieve positive results.
Pauline & Charlie, Kendal
When I first talked to Brian I had a dog who I loved, but was beginning to dread taking for a walk. Now Charlie and I love to walk, don’t have problems at home and he is my companion, which is what I wanted. The best thing was that I could talk over problems with Brian and we could compromise, and the training was adapted to fit the needs of Charlie and me. Thanks Brian for all your support.
Denise, Chris & Florrie, Kendal
We initially contacted Brian as we had a problem with Florrie’s anxiety in the car. However, Brian quickly established that Florrie was pretty much anxious about life in general and our inconsistencies were contributing to this. Brian took us back to basics with dog training and gave us clear and simple advice to follow. Brian allowed us to go at our own pace, leaving enough time between sessions to allow us to master each stage of the training programme. His training was tailored to Florrie’s progress and Brian was extremely generous with his time. We enjoyed Brian’s relaxed approach and while we still have some way to go with the car, Florrie is much calmer and we are more confident in dealing with her insecurities.
Madeleine & Margot, Alston
I can't thank Brian enough for the quality of guidance Margot and myself enjoyed throughout his program of training, His intervention has given clarity to my ownership role and a determination to succeed. I knew Margot deserved more certainty than I alone could provide. Now I can go forward with confidence as well as a true appreciation of the help, support and encouragement Brian gently but firmly provided. I'm sure he is Margot's hero! Probably mine as well!
Cheryl & Darcy and Byron, Langwathby
Two beautiful boisterious black coated retrievers taking over my life and home! Contacted Brian from ‘ Dogs Listen Up ‘ and he listened! He came – he saw – we planned. One to one visits produced sure results and were fun! Respect shown to me and my dogs. Confidence in myself as a handler and them in learning to ‘follow’. I fully recommend Brian at Dogs Listen Up. When he speaks ‘ we all listen’! He has just the right touch and understanding and Mr Darcy and Lord Byron love him.
Lesley, Andy & Jasper, Penrith
Our one -2- one course with Brian has been a steep ( but fun ) learning curve for both us and our black lab Jasper, a 3 years old who firmly beleived that he was the leader of the pack! With Brian’s help we have managed to restore the pack structure in our home ( which includes our older dog Lennox). We both have much more confidence in our ability to control Jasper who used to beleive that any moving object was a threat to us and him. Spending quality time with our dogs is now enjoyable for all involved a vast change from 2 months ago. Thanks Brian.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England