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Puppy training in Carlisle
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Someone rang me one day asking if I could take Rosie, a Staffordshire / Patterdale cross, to the Animal Refuge as her owner had serious social problems and was unable to give Rosie the care she needed.

On meeting Rosie I know immediately I couldn't face taking her to the Refuge and headed straight home with her. However it soon became apparent that Rosie had problems too which wasn't going to be overcome without professional help.

I found Dogs Listen Up on the internet and found one of Brian's 12 week courses. Rosie responded very quickly to Brian's method of training and soon became a popular pupil with Brian and his team. I soon found to my amazement how quickly it is to achieve such good results when you know the right techniques of training, and was even more impressed with the calm approach Brian had to achieving these techniques, Very Impressive.

I can't thank Brian enough for his help and guidance in training Rosie and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking professional help with training their dog. Thanks Brian

Ann & Rosie, Carlisle
Thank you to Brian and his friends for a very fun and beneficial 12 week training course. You and your team are very knowledgeable and helped to train us how to handle, praise and correct our dog.

You answered all our questions and helped us with all the little problems. I can highly recommend the 12 week course, the time went so quickly but we didn't feel rushed and had time to practise everything in class and at home, at out and at our own dogs pace. Bracken is now a well behaved and obedient dog who is a joy to take for a walk and have as part of our family. We are still practicing everything we learnt in class each time we go for a walk.

P.S. He has stopped chasing sheep and now doesn't even bother with them, we just took the water bottle out with us a few times and it worked ! Thank you again.

Paul,Sally & Bracken, Aspatria
Our puppy Dudley, a miniature schnauzer was around 16 weeks old when he began training classes with Dogs Listen Up; Brian and his team played an invaluable part in the route to Dudley's obedience and their general advice and guidance on canine wellbeing was excellent.

Dudley is now 10 months and he is a pleasure to have in our lives. He obeys well to the commands he was taught and is recalling skills are becoming very good - this is all thanks to Brian and his team who gave us and Dudley a great start. We would not hesitate to recommend Dogs Listen Up as we found them to be exceptional Mentors!

Brian, Lynette & Dudley, Carlisle
Our puppy Milly was fast becoming a Tazmanian Devil and we wondered what we'd done. Thanks to Brian's guidance she's now the loveable additional member of the family we always wanted. In a relaxed environment were you're not made to feel daft our confidence grew and so did Milly's in us. There is no dog snobbery or pre expectations just lots of encouragement. We'd really recommend Brian's classes and approach.

Sandra, Matthew & Milly, Scotby
We took our black cocker spaniel to the 12 week puppy training course. I would definitely recommend this for anyone with a puppy or young dog. The whole family enjoyed the classes and our puppy is growing up to be a wonderful pet, very well-behaved puppy, she is nine months old and we can take her anywhere. Thanks Brian and team for all your advice and guidance.

Sam & Poppy, Crosby on Eden
Teddy is a changed dog. We have both enjoyed coming to dog training, the difference in Teddy is amazing. Before Brian Teddy ruled us, was completely spoiled and thought he was the leader. After Brian his behaviour is so much more improved, he actually does as he is told. Yesterday Teddy was able to run off twice and both times he didn't, he sat and waited for me which is amazing, previously he would have run off with me chasing him. He doesn't bark now when he knows he is going for a walk, he just sits and waits, thanks to the water spray. I was a little apprehensive that Teddy could change his bad behaviour with 12 weeks of training, I needn't have been. In 12 weeks he has totally changed now we are the leaders and have much more control over him.

Many thanks to Brian and his team, I would not hesitate to recommend them, they have been brilliant and we shall continue the training now at home. Thank you for your help and advice.

Amanda & Teddy, Carlisle
My work colleague said I was mad to get a Beagle. She was talking from experience she said hers was crazy.

The 12 week course was well worth it and covered all the area's I expected and needed.
Bella is a 8 months old now and the tools I've learned means I have more confidence with her. I'm also not expecting too much from her and understand she's an excitable puppy, learning about the Pack Leader was interesting and has set the boundaries in our house. I would strongly recommend the training classes, it's well worth the money for a dog that's part of the family for many years. Many thanks.

Alison & Belle, Carlisle.
Having never trained any of our dogs, we didn't really know what to expect, we just wanted one of our dog's to do as it was told for a change and thought Harvey being 10 months at the time, should be the first. Liisa is a fantastic teacher, making every session enjoyable, fun and educational, while all the time showing us that it will happen if you just persevere.

Lisa and Kimmy are naturals and we shall really miss thr Friday evening Dog school sessions. I just wish there was a higher education class to move up to. It's been great fun and we have learnt from it, so a very big thank you from us and I shall continue to recommend you.

Sharon, Adam & Harvey, Annan.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England