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Puppy training in Carlisle
Dog taining in the North of England


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Carlisle Testimonials

Carrie, Jonny & Yogi, Carlisle
Brian's help with Yogi on a 1 to 1 basis at home has been a revelation. With Brian's help he has turned our naughty puppy into a well behaved obedient dog, who will sit and stay on command and walk to heel every time, so that he is a joy to have around. Brian's patience, encouragement and good humour means we all look forward to his visits. The difference in Yogi after each session is remarkable. We would have no hesitation in recommending Brian to any dog owner. Thank you Brian!!!
Joanne & Poppy, Carlisle
"We have a 3 year old Dalmation called Poppy, we have had her since a puppy, she is a lovely pet and good with our 2 children. The problems arose when we took her out for a walk she was pulling and became aggressive when meeting people whilst on the lead it got that bad that we stopped taking her out. With the help of Brian – Dogs Listen Up he took us back to basic training we worked on commands sit, stay, down and come which Poppy picked up in no time. We then tackled the problem of walking on the lead which has improved greatly with Brian’s support and extensive knowledge of dog training, we now have the confidence to take Poppy on walks again. We would have no hesitation in recommending Dogs Listen Up."
Carol & Ruby, Carlisle
"Ruby has learned to sit, stay and come since working with Brian. I thought the one to one training was ideal for us because we could do it at my convenience and were not interrupted by others, it helped build my own confidence as well as Ruby’s. I learned a lot about the nature of Schnauzers so now know what to expect from her which is really helpful for a novice like me. I would highly recommend the training at Dogs Listen Up to everyone as I found it really beneficial for us both."
Carolyn & Sadie, Carlisle.
"I can’t thank Brian enough for his help and guidance in training Sadie. she has gone from a very excitable dog which would run around the tops of the settees etc, pull you over when out walking, to a more quiet and content dog that greets people nicely and walks like a lady, sitting down automatically when we cross roads. Many thanks for everything you helped me achieve"
Beverley & Jess, Carlisle.
"I could never have imagined prior to starting the training programme just how much Jess would benefit. Firstly, now its me controlling Jess and not the other way round! I never thought it possible in such a short period of time achieving what we have, as the saying goes “ if you know what your doing its easy”, so its with many thanks to Brian for a very rewarding few weeks. I would definitely recommend the training programme. I got immense satisfaction from the experience. Thanks Again."
Nicola & Hamish, Carlisle.
Brian is a very personable man and immediately formed a bond with Hamish. Initially my reason for approaching Brian was to help me deal with Hamish’s nervousness around strangers especially children following Brian’s guidance and training methods it has made a great impact on Hamish, he is much more obedient and calmer, this has improved my confidence greatly and so when Hamish encounters strangers/children I have the tools to control the situation and therefore the outcome. I would thoroughly endorse both Brian and his training methods, which has turned my nervous dog into a more confident, obedient and most importantly happy dog.
Sandra & Charlie, Carlisle
Having recently acquired our Jack Russell from the Animal Refuge as a stray of unknown age and behaviour, we initially encountered several problems which left us in doubt as to whether or not we were going to keep him. We enlisted the help of Brian from Dogs Listen Up and can honestly say that from the first meeting Brian’s professionalism, help and guidance has enabled us to successfully integrate “ Charlie “ into our household. We would highly recommend “ Dogs Listen Up “ to anyone having behavioural problems with their dog.
Shana and Vale, Carlisle.
"A huge improvement. He's a big dog so getting him to stop jumping up was really important. We've mastered the automatic sit and stopped picking up rubbish when walking on the lead. Ive still got some work to do on the heel command but he will sit and stay through lots of distractions. The majority of the time he seems to accept albeit reluctantly that 'no' means 'no'."

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England