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Puppy training in Carlisle
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Claire, Stephen & Sasha, Carlisle
Sasha was nearly one year old, when we got in touch with Brian. She was a typical Boxer puppy, bouncy and boisterous. We decided that we needed help to get her trained and calmed down. Brian was a godsend to us, he taught us how to better control Sasha and it has worked, she is allot calmer now than she was. The biggest problems we had with her were that she was jumping up at people and not coming back when called. Thanks to Brian we are well on the way to getting over these issues, she is a very excitable dog who gets bouncy when people come into her home, she is still on the lead at first then calms down, the jumping has drastically reduced now which is really good. Brian has shown us everything that we need to carry on her training. The socialisation classes are a big help as well, they are helping Sasha with the distraction issues and getting her used to being around other dogs without it having to be playtime. In all I would thoroughly recommend Brian & Dogs Listen Up to anybody who thinks that they may well need help of any kind with training or any other issue, he has been fantastic with us. Many thanks.
Vivienne & Amber, Carlisle
Firstly I have to say, Brian was a lifesaver! Amber is my first dog so I was very nervous about all of the different things I would have to learn in order to train her, which is why I chose Dogs Listen up. Amber is a border Terrier with a mind of her own and can be quite stubborn! However with Brianís help and training she is now a well behaved dog doing as she is told. Although she can still be a little stubborn at times, at 8 months old we can relax in the knowledge that we can take her out anywhere and she will always come back to us when called. The reason I wanted help was to ensure that I could learn properly how to train my dog and I have found Brian very helpful in achieving this. I would like to thank you for this Brian and I know that your always just a call away if I need your help.
The Day Family & Tia, Carlisle
A very good and through service with a positive and great result. It has been a pleasure for the family and Tia to learn with Brian and his colleagues. Great advice for the future and it's good to know that we can call anytime in the future.
Joan, David & Mya, Carlisle
Brianís help with Mya has been wonderful. We love her very much and are keen for her to become a happy, balanced dog and a faithful companion to us both. But of course Mya is a puppy and needs to learn acceptable behaviour. Brian has given us excellent practical advice and training, and yes we needed to learn how to behave too! We were given 1 to 1 support and went along to Brianís puppy socialisation classes. We would recommend Brian and both approaches to anyone with a dog. Brian was very patient with us and took a lot of time to find out more about us in order to tailor his approach to our needs. Mya is a happy dog and we are much more confident with her since we began to work with Brian. We still have goals we want to achieve and now we are sure we can do it. Many thanks for everything Brian.
Louise, Andrew & Indy, Penrith
When we decided we were taking the leap to get a puppy we wanted to be more than prepared ( damage limitation ) especially since our puppy is an Alaskan Malamute.
We came across Brian at Pets at Home one day when we were looking for supplies. After reading his customers testimonials and listening to what he offered we decided it was fantastic value for money and were really keen to do the 1 - 1 training. So we booked him there and then. The stages of training were great, 1st he trained us prior to Indy arriving. We had 3 hours pre puppy session to get us prepared with equipment, information and advice.

Following this were the 1 - 1 sessions which we all benefited and progressed well, we found them very useful as any questions or concerns we had we could discuss them at length with Brian, and he was on call incase we needed advice between sessions. The sessions are tailor made to accommodate your needs at the time as well as obedience training fantastic.

Also included were the puppy classes which Indy loved for socialising with other dogs. We were more than happy with the complete package and will continue to pester Brian for tips and advice. Thank you so much Brian.
Carol, Liane & Myllo, Carlisle
We contacted Dogs Listen Up for our bearded Collie puppy Myllo. He was a typical boisterous puppy and we wanted to ensure that we were using the correct training methods to give him the best start in life. After arranging the first home session we did not know what to expect, however when Brian arrived we felt instantly at ease due to his friendly approach. Everything was explained in great detail, the pack structure of dogs along with good examples of how to implement each training method. We worked on commands sit, stay & down and recall, Myllo picked these up quickly and we continue to work on them. Brian made the lessons enjoyable for all. During Brian's visits we discussed diet and appreciated Brian being open minded with regards to Myllo being naturally reared.

Although our home sessions have finished Brian has made us welcome at his group sessions an extended part of the training to mix with other dogs and handlers. We would have no hesitation in recommending Brian and his training methods to anyone with a dog young or old who want a well behaved pet and know that he is at the end of the phone should problems arise. Thanks Brian.
Dawn & Silas, Staffield
I contacted Brian so I could brush up on my skills when I acquired a Border Terrier(ist) puppy "Silas". Having had dogs for 30 years you always assume you know what you are doing. I was wrong! Silas was fine I needed training and so away we went. Its so important to get the right training, right from the start, as a busy pet owner my consistency and technique with Silas lacked something, Brian helped me with a consistent yet simple approach so I could fit the training in while walking Silas with our other dog Frank. Extra sessions in the house and garden meant Silas and I sailed through the training. We passed with honours just today 09/02/2010, earlier than anticipated. I would advise anyone who is thinking of getting a dog to do the one to one with Brian if possible it concentrates you gives you a defined programme its great fun and as a trainer Brian is aware that your dog is still a pet they can still be part of your family, but a well behaved member (at least most of the time). Thank you Brian I enjoyed the training enormously.
Jenny & Sky, Armaithwaite
Excellent course ! I thoroughly recommend it. I am finding it much easier to manage our excitable year old border collie.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England