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Wendy & Dora, Penrith
Dora was a lovely but hyperactive black lab dog, but thanks to Brian she is just as lovely but a lot calmer. We have followed Brianís training schedule and with his help she has learned a lot of commands. Brian also advised us to buy a cage as Dora loved chewing everything she saw, that I can state was a very good investment as she loves sitting in her cage when she wants some quiet time and we donít have to worry about what has been chewed when we go out.
I just want to say a big thank you to Brian for helping to achieve a rebelious pup into a loving adorable dog.
Ian, Susan & Stanley, Wigton
We had a beagle who had soon realised his parents had no idea how to discipline a dog so therefore became the dominant figure in the house.

Brian got us to dealise the dogs position and what it expects of us, and we soon realised that we needed just as much training as our little dog.

Once we got to grip with this the dog soon fell into it's rightful position within the family structure and with Brian's help, and the techniques he has
shown us, it is now a pleasure to have the dog as part of our family.
Barbara, Richard & Benji, Egremont
We have a puppy called Benji. He is approx 11 months old a cross between a Border Terrier and a Lakeland Terrier we acquired him from the animal rescue having been a banded.

The main problems with him were jumping up at people, not coming back when called and pulling on the lead. However with Brian's help and guidance and over such a short period of time, he is greatly improved.

He now sits and stays when told and walks without pulling. Thanks Brian for your help and support.
Debbie, Mylo, Joey & Murphy, Morland
I am very happy with the advice & guidance I received from Brian. With some hard work and patience my three dogs have turned out better then I could have imagined.

I now have the confidence to take all three out together anywhere I chose, confident in the knowledge that they will listen to me.

I found that not only did my dogs enjoyed the training, it also strengthened my relationship with them. I really am very p[leased I called Brian in to help.

Gone are the days that they would drag me across the road to get to other dogs. I can also have visitors round to the house without them getting mobbed at the door.

Brilliant ! Thank you.
Brian, Jane & Sam, Whitehaven
We contacted Brian because Sam is such a big powerful dog and we could not handle him Brian came to us and stayed for approx 3 hours educating us about dogs it was fascinating Sam has come on leaps and bounds it is a pleasure walking him and working with him Jane my wife who loves walking is very proud of Sams attitude and we can't thank Brian enough I would and have already recommend Brian to anyone his professional attitude builds confidence for both the Dog and the owner.we also changed Sam's diet on Brian's recommendation he is thriving thank you very very much Brian.
Amanda, Pat & Alfie, Brigham
We have thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions with Brian. They have been an invaluable learning experience for myself and my Mum and have taught us the correct way to treat Alfie along with a very structured but manageable pathway to train him. The instructions have been clearly explained and easy to follow which has given us the confidence to put them into practice ourselves. Alfie is a much calmer dog who now understands simple commands and the correct way to behave. Alfie respects Brian alot and always gives him a warm welcome when he arrives. We have been amazed at the control Brian has over Alfie and the progress Alfie has made. We are so pleased that we decided to use Dogs listen up and feel that it has made a big difference to both us as owners and Alfie himself.
Jeanette, John, Jacob & Buddy, Carlisle
The trainings session we did with Dogs Listen Up has brought out the best in our Pug cross Buddy. As well as teaching him obedience he has become a much more content and confident dog. We were amazed at how quickly the training resolved the issues we/he had.
As a family we found the training great fun and had many laughs (mostly at my expense!). We now have a second puppy and are using what we learned with Brian to train her.
The Davidson Family & Bomber, Scotby
It was with a degree of scepticism that I accepted the family's present of dog training sessions for our very strong, enthusiastic, energetic and totally delightful, even if a little wayward, Boxer Bomber. Brian duly arrived and talked to us about his plans and expectations for the following sessions. Bomber listened very attentively from his position outside the back door - paws up looking through the glass panel - NOT to be allowed! This was a family affair Noel, Ali, Jud, Greg, Freya, James and me all following Brian's talk with only a few interjections mainly from Jud and Ali.
It was very relaxed and already Bomber's behaviour was improving, he had not yet opened the back door, maybe he thought it better to be good or he might find himself at a distinct disadvantage. At each session Bomber's behaviour has greatly improved and has responded well to everything that Brian has asked of him, we still have work to do on Down but I am sure with practice it will come. Brian has great patience and his technique of getting the confidence of Bomber and us, has been excellent. I would recommend Brian's help and advice to anyone who needs help with their dogs training. Bomber has been the star of the show followed by Brian a close second. P.S. Since writing this Down has been achieved.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England