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Puppy training in Carlisle
Dog taining in the North of England


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Sandra & Kaiser, Carlisle
Good trainer, brilliant results. I would recommend Brian to anyone looking for help
in training their dog. I saw immediate improvement after the first session with Kaiser,
a Hungarian Vizsla puppy. Kaiser was very dominant from day one and Brian showed
me how to control him and calm him down. All sessions were fun and enjoyable for both
me and Kaiser and Brian gives you loads of tips along the way. I now have an obedient
dog who responds to all basic commands and walks to heel – all thanks to Brian.
Gary, Shona & Max, Carlisle
We decided to use Brian as we felt that our rescued staffie Max, was becoming a little too dominant. Brian had been recommended to us by a family member and after our first session we seen a huge difference in Max’s behaviour. He no longer pulls on the lead during walks and has become a pleasure to walk. Max now does the sit, stay and down ( which we could never get him to do ) and the recall commands. Max is now one of the most well behaved and trained dogs we know. We found Brian to be extremely likeable and friendly, and the advice and training he has given us is priceless.
To anybody having any issues / problems / concerns with their dogs, Brian is your man ! Not only Will you like him but your dog will too, from a very grateful and appreciative.
Yvonne, Amanda & Harley, Longtown
Brian is a wonderful teacher, he has given us the knowledge & tools to continue
to have fun & success with our dog, we have found it is as much about showing
the owner what to do, as it is disciplining the dog & we can now continue to enjoy
him to the full.
Simon, Jackie & Reggie, Carlisle
In the beginning our dog Reggie thought that he was the pack leader. We had by this
point decided to start a family and this is when we decided it was time we had help,
so we called Brian. Reggie’s main problem was he would bark and jump at people
coming or leaving our house.
After a few short weeks we’d changed Reggie’s diet to include Dogs Listen Up range
of food and treats and taken Brian’s advice and invested in a cage. Reggie started to
show improvements, but this was only the beginning as Reggie would still bark and
carry on when he was in his cage. But with perseverance from Brian and him giving us
the strength and confidence to train Reggie in the appropriate way, Reggie has improved
a huge amount and with us staying firm but fair he is getting better by the day.
This is all thanks to Brian.
Carol & Tilly, Workington
Tilly came into my care at the age of 2 as a little dog with a big attitude and a lot of issues.My fear was that she would never have the quality of life or the safety I wished for her, but I noticed a marked improvement right from the very first session with Brian and my angry little dog started being affectionate and a lot more obedient.. The improvements are only as good as the work you put into it yourself, but we are getting there, with help from Dogs ListenUp.
Kylie, Pete & Charlie, Branthwaite
Charlie was a 3 year old retired trailhound when he arrived with us from a rescue centre. He is a big dog and was difficult to control during walks, particularly when meeting other dogs. He had very little teaching and was a law unto himself. We therefore decided to enlist the help of Brian at Dogs Listen Up and have to say we have never looked back as we are delighted with the progress we have made with Charlie.Brian’s approach is excellent. The firm and fair idea coupled with consistency, reaped instant rewards. As novices, his experience and advice has proved invaluable and Charlie has become to realise where he fits within the pack! Charlie is now able to do the commands we give him and he walks brilliantly to heel. We still have some work but now feel much happier and confident in our approach with him, we have learnt so much.Thank you Brian we not only benefitted from your sessions but had great fun whilst
doing so!
Maureen, David & Archie, Kendal
Well what can I say - what a great dog trainer Brian is. We were struggling with Archie our Sprocker Spaniel, but on Brian’s first visit we could see a improvement, maybe only a small one but that was progress. Brian knew how to go about dealing with the problems we were having with Archie, but with his continous visits we were seeing vast improvements and are going from strength to strength, still some more work to do, but we are confident we will get there. Thank you Brian for all your help and encouragement. What Brian doesn’t know about dog training isn’t worth knowing. I would recommend Brian to help anyone who is having problems with their dog. Once again Thank you Brian.
Jan, Lulu and Tiggi, Carlisle
Having had happy, house trained, sociable dogs most of my adult life, I was at a loss when a 12 week old poodle puppy came to live with me and despite my best efforts, would not be house trained. I thought I was doing all the right things, you know.... Puppy wakes up....Out to wee!! Puppy's fed.....Out to wee!! Puppy plays....Out to wee!! Puppy does all that and still piddles indoors!!! Frustrated and wondering what to do next, I called Dogs Listen Up.

After a reassuring phone conversation, we made an appointment for Brian to come and visit. From the word go, I felt that things were going to get better. Brian looked at our routine, our set up and asked me what we actually wanted to achieve, then set to work. He gave a workable, practical solution to the toilet training..... make an enclosed toilet area for puppy to be taken to and wait until she'd performed, then lots of praise. Simple and works completely.

He also built on the basic training I'd started and that a puppy really needs, sit, stay, walking to heel etc. Brian just made everything so easy and was so encouraging and supportive. I liked the fact that the training and solutions given were completely tailored to our needs and built around our individual situation and I'm happy to say, it all just slotted into place and it worked.

I'd be very happy to recommend Brian and Dogs Listen up to help you if you're having problems with your dog. You'll get fantastic advice, great support and I have to say, for weeks of one to one help and tuition, it's unbelievable value for money too.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England