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Nick , Nicola & Dylan, Cockermouth
Just a few lines to let you know how we are getting on with Dylan our Dalmatian after the completion of our 6 week course with you. After your initial visit, you quickly established that whilst our young dog was virtually untrained and very excitable (as young dogs often are), the real issue was with not so much with him, but with us (his owners) who were inexperienced at knowing how to effect control and discipline over him in a calm, consistent and logical way. After just the second visit, and once we had understood the basis of your training methods, Dylan was already much calmer and responsive to verbal instructions, and more importantly was more manageable when walking outside on the lead. He is also much more attentive to us generally, and is less excitable when playing around with the children in the garden. Both Nicola and I are very pleased to have had the benefit of your experience, and would recommend your course to anyone who is a first time dog owner, or who is having some difficulty with basic training of their puppy or young dog.
Thanks again
Antony, Lucy & Jaffa, Carlisle
We first contacted Brian through the dogs listen up website as our chocolate lab (Jaffa cake) turned 1 year old, and to be honest we had run out of ideas. Jaffa had started to take over the house and walks were getting so stressful that I would no longer walk Jaffa alone, as he had pulled me off my feet more than once.
He has always been very nervous around anyone apart for my husband and myself but this had got to the stage where he would bark constantly at anyone coming in the to house, and if we stopped to talk to someone while out walking or had to walk to close to other people he would become very distressed. Then Brian arrived in to our lives and we have not looked back. We have listen and followed all of Brian’s advice from heel work to diet, and I am pleased to say that Jaffa is now our dog, not lord and master of our house, he now sits, lies down, stays and most importantly understands the word No 99% of the time. He is still shy with other people but will walk with a complete stranger and not freak out. He also loves Brian and get so excited when Brian arrives for a training session you can’t help but to laugh at him trying to goad Brian in to playing with him. In short he is now a healthier happier dog and we are much happier owners. We will greatly miss our sessions with Brian but know that he is just there at the end of the phone if we ever need him.
Anita, Ryan & Archie, Carlisle
I first met Brian in Pets at Home and after a chat with him about our Patterdale Archie, my partner and I decided to do the 1-2-1 sessions. After session 1 Archie was walking better and was doing automatic sit in no time, not only has Brian worked with Archie he has worked with me too. I lack confidence in handling Archie but Brian has taught me how to get Archie to respond to my commands. Although some of the commands aren’t quite there yet Brian has taught us how to teach Archie in just 6 sessions. Brian has helped us structure the pack so Archie is at the bottom he is much more settled because of this he is calmer, and he is a joy to
walk again as he always walks to heel so no tug of war on the lead. I would recommend Brian to everyone I speak to with a dog and feel we have made a good friendship with him. Thank you Brian.
Pen & Reaver, Blackford
My toy poodles are very obedient but I am bigger than they are so easily in charge of the pack. Our new family member will grow into a big strong Husky may well have taken the lead by force, so I thought best to listen to Brian to focus on training in very important development in first 6 months. Brian soon got an unwilling Reaver to jump into the old van and showed me new techniques and commands. He was always punctual and good humoured throughout. Reaver has come on leaps and bounds, or should I say “sits and downs“!
Jill & Jamie, Linstock
I acquired Jamie as a puppy and as expected he was a very hyperactive adorable bundle of fun, however he did not or should I say responded selectively to any training or commands. He liked to do his own thing! (have you seen / read Marley & Me). He was developing into a strong recalcitrant male and my dog handling skills plummeted so that walks were restricted. Brian came to the house, outlined the training programme and supported me throughout. Jamie is still lively and adorable but now walks to heel, sits, stays and lies down. I am continuing with recall as he is presently selective in his response, but my confidence has improved and I will succeed. Thank you Brian.
Kevin & Zhara, Carlisle
Katie, Mark & Monty, Workington.
Monty is a different dog thanks to Brian at ‘Dogs listen up’. Before Brian’s help Monty was boisterous, overpowering and ruling the roost in our house. After just 6 sessions he’s calm and settled in the house and good on the lead. Friends and family have been bowled over by the change in his behaviour. There’s still room for improvement, but thanks to the techniques we’ve been taught, Monty is continuing to develop into a well behaved lovely dog. We’re due to have a baby very soon and we can’t image having the ‘old Monty’ and a new baby in the house, it just wouldn’t have worked. We’re now confident that Brian has given us the tools to ensure there’s room for everyone. Monty has always had a great character, but now he’s playful affectionate on our terms instead of his. Not only are we happier, but Monty is too, the battles have stopped and the house is calm and relaxed thanks to Brian.
Keith & Pepper, Whitehaven
Brian has helped us a lot in structuring Peppers training. He has been very helpful in showing us techniques of how to regain control of a situation. With Brian’s help we have learnt a lot about the pack structure and how to become the pack leader.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England