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Dog taining in the North of England


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Cheryl & Darcy and Byron, Langwathby
Two beautiful boisterious black coated retrievers taking over my life and home! Contacted Brian from ‘ Dogs Listen Up ‘ and he listened! He came – he saw – we planned. One to one visits produced sure results and were fun! Respect shown to me and my dogs. Confidence in myself as a handler and them in learning to ‘follow’. I fully recommend Brian at Dogs Listen Up. When he speaks ‘ we all listen’! He has just the right touch and understanding and Mr Darcy and Lord Byron love him.
Carolyn & Holly and Brambles, Carlisle
We are very pleased with Brian’s training programme, our dogs have progressed well and have enjoyed the training. As a result they are both better behaved, Bramble is a lot calmer and has stopped jumping up at everyone who comes to the house. We first had concerns about the cages but both dogs adapted to them very quickly and we now see the benefits of them after Brian’s recommendation.
Donna, Andy & Connie and Binx, Brampton
After 2 years of bad habits the improvement in behaviour has been amazing, after the six sessions of training. Many thanks!
Lesley, Andy & Jasper, Penrith
Our one -2- one course with Brian has been a steep ( but fun ) learning curve for both us and our black lab Jasper, a 3 years old who firmly beleived that he was the leader of the pack! With Brian’s help we have managed to restore the pack structure in our home ( which includes our older dog Lennox). We both have much more confidence in our ability to control Jasper who used to beleive that any moving object was a threat to us and him. Spending quality time with our dogs is now enjoyable for all involved a vast change from 2 months ago. Thanks Brian.
Karen, Jo & Skye, Great Corby
We have a very excitable Golden Labrador puppy and we were becoming ‘ stressed ‘ in our homeand when out walking, we also have 2 other dogs who were becoming annoyed at Skye’s antics!! After picking up a Dogs Listen Up leaflet we decided to call and seek advice, Brian spent a number Of hours with us on our first session explaining what the training consisted of and how the food we were feeding Skye could also be making her ‘ hyper ‘. We found Brian to be very helpful and also very easy to get along with. We tried the samples of food Brian gave us and within a couple of days Skye had become calmer. We learnt correct approaches to Heel, Sit, Stay, Down and have found that using these techniques correctly and being calm & assertive our house is becoming calm once again, and walks are for all of us again and enjoyable. Brian has offered advice over the phone and is very friendly and knowleadgeable. We are very happy that we made the call and would most definately recommend Dogs Listen Up to other people and indeed have. Thanks Brian.
Joan & Jack, Ambleside
The best thing I ever did was get Brian in to train Jack, I now have a dog that sits and stays and heels, where as before he pulled me everywhere we went. He also is a lot quieter in himself and more relaxed a pleasure to be with.
Julie & Lucy, Skinburness
Before we started working with Lucy and myself Lucy was the boss. She would take me for walks and was very excitable. Things started improving within the first visit and has been ongoing ever since. What did amaze Brian and myself was how quickly Lucy picked everything up. Brian was able to adapt his training methods to keep one step ahead of Lucy, so that she was always progressing. We even progressed onto just using hand signals for down and stay which is very advanced. Training classes wouldn’t have allowed us to do this as they always follow a set routine. Brian has given me the confidence to do these things with Lucy and now walks and life at home are much more relaxed.
Mike, Jacky, Kirsty & Tag, Windermere
Before we met Brian Tag was a bit of a nightmare to live with. He pulled continuously when out walking, and was under the impression that he was in charge! After just one session with Brian, Tag was a lot more obedient and knew that he was no longer running the house. With Brian’s help, Tag is now a pleasure to live with and to take on walks. I’m not sure what we would have done without Brian’s help, he is a brilliant dog trainer, and he didn’t do to bad with us either! Thank you for all your help Brian, and for giving us a more peaceful and positive home to live in.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England