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Puppy training in Carlisle
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Helen & Cassie, Kim & Geordie. Workington
Brian has helped us & our three dogs with a number of problems. With our dogs being ( 7, 11 & 12 ) it was difficult at times but Brian was there when we needed help.They sit & stay when told, and have stopped barking uncontrollably when visitors ring the doorbell. They are also easier to walk together. Brian showed us the techniques with one dog & we applied those principles to all three, and now have an easier time with all aspects of their behaviour. Many thanks.
Beryl & Nugget, Langholm
Brian has made a great effort with Nugget, a very headstrong, loopy spaniel he now sits, comes when called and many more obedient orders. Brian has had patience and perseverance and has been well tested with Nugget. I can now take him for a walk without been dragged halfway down the road. Well done Brian.
Gordon & Aero, Langholm.
"Really pleased we signed up for this training. As first time owners of a puppy, we now feel more confident with Aero as Brian has shown us key factors that we needed to implement. Aero is a very happy little dog which we are going to get many years of good behaviour from. It is also reassuring that Brian is just a phone call away in case any new situations crop up."
Shana and Vale, Carlisle.
"A huge improvement. He's a big dog so getting him to stop jumping up was really important. We've mastered the automatic sit and stopped picking up rubbish when walking on the lead. Ive still got some work to do on the heel command but he will sit and stay through lots of distractions. The majority of the time he seems to accept albeit reluctantly that 'no' means 'no'."
Joanne & Ruby, Warwick Bridge.
"I contacted Dogs Listen Up as I had concerns with my 15 month old boxer Ruby. When dogs were approaching Ruby she would bark and pull and act aggressively Ruby has calmed down considerably and I now have a lot more confidence to deal with the situation after my training."
Stuart, Maggie & Storm, Carlisle.
Just to say thanks very much for training Storm and pointing us in the right with him.
His behaviour has greatly improved and we will continue to follow your advice.
The cost of this training was money very well spent and we would recommend
Dogs Listen Up to everyone. Thanks again.
Candice & Ruby, Frizington.
I contacted Brian via the website for his help with my 14 month old Shar-pei, Ruby.
In the beginning Ruby was like any puppy boisterous & hyperactive especially when visitors came to the house. With Brianís help Ruby is now a lot calmer & less stressed. Ruby now sits and stays before leaving the house for a walk which means she is calmer and can now walk Ruby at heal without her pulling on the lead. Brian highlighted the fact that Ruby was unclear about the pack structure & gave me some techniques to use on Ruby such as not allowing her to get up on the furniture unless she was invited to. Within a few days she began to respond to my commands & is now a lot more obedient & responsive. The pack structure has now finally formed & we both a lot happier now. We still have some training to work on such as recall but I believe Brian has helped with the ground work & me & Ruby will continue to work on it. Ruby enjoys the hide & seek games & loves her okay time. I would highly recommend Brian and his one to one training sessions. We will miss our sessions with Brian, and would like to thank him for all of his help.
Dave & Ollie, Wigton.
Brianís approach and demeanour towards dog training is second to none, his enthusiasm is apparent from the moment you meet him.
He makes you feel at ease straight away and customs to what you want from training your dogs. Both Ollie and Woody enjoyed and looked forward to there training both with Brian and afterwardís with us. Brianís training methodís are simple to understand, relevant and to the point, but overall lots of fun. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian or his company to anyone of our friends or potential customers.
Keep up the excellent work Brian.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England