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Puppy training in Carlisle
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Peter, Emma & Chewie, Brampton
Chewie was hyperactive before we started classes but with Lisa's help & support, Chewie is a lot calmer, we had a huge problem with him jumping up at people, pulling on the lead & crying in his cage, However, with Lisa's guidance Chewie has greatly improved, It's taken a lot of hard work and whilst there's still room for improvement we are over the moon with the results. We would fully recommend Lisa at Dogs Listen Up. The training programme has been a huge benefit.

Chewie doesn't jump up at people, he is much better on his lead and he seems to love his cage now. Lisa has done a fantastic job. Thank you very much for all your help and support. All the best.
Rose, Alan & Bob, Annan
Excellent training lessons, we thoroughly enjoyed each session and found Lisa our trainer very friendly, informative giving us all the tools we need to continue our training of our dog Bob. We look forward to each lesson and come away feeling we were gaining in confidence in Bob's training. We realise consistency and repetition are key factors also lots of praise is required and we will be continuing with this in the future. Many thanks for all the help, keep up the good work.

We will highly recommend Dogs Listen Up to our friends. P.S. I also thought six in the class was a really good amount, allowing enough time with each dog.
Sam & Autumn, Carlisle
From a 7 week puppy to a 7 month old pup, from being just a puppy to a well behaved and loving dog, My thanks to Brian for his help and guidance in showing me how to train and love my dog. I did enjoy the 12 week course and the friendship that came out of it. This being my first dog at the age of 67 it's never to late to Listen Up!
Linda & Izzy, Cockermouth
Enjoyed the class very much indeed, Izzy's main problem has always been her barking, particularly at the beginning of class, and she would sometimes react by trying to nip my trouser leg, By solving this problem Lisa would let your daughter walk Izzy round the hall which calmed her down and after that she really looked up to me. After a number of weeks it got easier,Izzy would still bark but the difference was I felt more confident to handle her and Becky no longer had to walk her.

One thing which particularly stood out for me was the ease in which Lisa dealt with the class and the way she built up your confidence by praising the owners of the dogs as well as praising the dogs. To me this was a big plus as before the class, my confidence was zero when meeting dogs outside. I also enjoyed the class when you did the two weeks when Lisa was on holiday, I liked your different approach. I will definitely carry on what I have learned, Thanks again and best wishes.
Jane & Meg, Carlisle
Thank you for providing such informative and helpful classes, delivered in a most friendly way. Meg and I have benefitted greatly from the classes, which covered all the essentials.

We will continue to practice what you have taught us and I can sincerely recommend the classes to anyone with a new puppy.
Rachel & Blue, Dalston
Brian is very good at training both puppy and owner. He quickly senses the needs of both and has a natural instinct for sorting out the relationship between the two. He certainly cured ME of all my bad habits which include a very short concentration span.

Although the owners instinct is to perhaps be lazy at times or let themselves get distracted when out with their pet this dog training class ensures that you see the benefits of taking time out with your dog to correct their poor behaviour and use positive encouragement to reinforce good habits all of the time.

I have had dogs for most of my life but this is the first time I decided to try a puppy training class as my older BC has some very annoying and embarrassing habits at times. I am convinced that 'Blue' has made quicker progress than his older companion as a result of the regular fun training sessions.

My border collie is certainly a challenge but I have enjoyed watching the progress he has made each week in terms of the sit command, recall and walking to heel! Well the first two anyway. He has had the opportunity to socialize with other pups of a similar age and this is borne out by the fact that he would sit next to the boot of the car on a Wednesday night to make sure I didn't forget it was HIS night. (Or maybe to wind up his 'brother' who would not be coming with us) Blue has a slightly nervous disposition when out of his comfort zone and it was very interesting to see how Brian got him to overcome this at times.

I would certainly recommend the training classes with Brian as they are great fun for both the owner and the trainee and I am sure we will both miss them. I will have to read up on new training tricks from now on but know that I can always call Brian if I start to struggle with his behaviour.

Thank you for all of your help and advice Brian.
Alan & Milo, Carlisle
A fantastic experience for both us as first time puppy owners and Milo. Not only did the class help us to become better owners and handlers, it gave us the opportunity to socialise Milo in a secure environment. We learnt many invaluable techniques to aid us in training and also improve our confidence. Brian has been a brilliant trainer and we would recommend this course to any dog owners.
Brian & Maureen, Carlisle
I would like to say a few words about the training classes run by Brian at Great Corby village hall, there were five dogs from pups to an older dog but this was never a problem,ey were all there to learn the basics and to socialise. The classes were well structured and informative and the handouts were easy to understand and came in very handy, Brian was very helpful and nothing was too much trouble and we would recommend these classes.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England