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William & Harvey, Carlisle
Where should i start?,For some reason we felt the need to get a puppy and ended up with a cute little dog who hadn’t yet grown into his skin. In the beginning he was cute and funny,and lovely to have around...............then he grew into a bloody massive great dane who totaly took over our lives. Harvey had turned into a monster who wrecked everything in his path,upset the neighbours with his constant barking,dragged you down the road and around the park,pinched everything within his reach and had us chasing him all around the house and garden to try to get it off him,spread himself all over the settee at every opportunity even though he had never been allowed onto the furniture,all great fun for him but very quickly became a serious problem to us. Harvey had taken control of us!!Being at home with Harvey was not a pleasure at all,it was a constant stress and by the time he was 15 months old we had had enough and we called in Dogs listen up. Lisa came to our rescue,on her first visit she explained exactly how we were going to deal with the problems Harvey had. It became clear Harvey’s problems were caused by us not knowing how to deal with him properly,even though we had owned dogs before we had never had one quite as challenging as Harvey. Lisa advised us how to tackle one problem at a time.It involved a lot of persistence from us and there have been times when we felt like we were taking one step forward and two steps back but Lisa told us to expect that to happen,anyway to cut a long story short Harvey has made great improvements and is becoming a pleasure to have around. The work is still ongoing and Harvey still pushes his luck sometimes but we now know what we have to do and Lisa is always available if we need to call her for any advice. I honestly think if we had not called in Dogs Listen Up we would have had to give up Harvey,a big thank you to Lisa and we would highly recommend Dogs Listen Up.

Jane & Ash, Aspatria
I bought a standard poodle, Ash, as a two year old from a breeder and he was very excitable when meeting other dogs especially small ones. I contacted Dogs Listen Up in order to tackle this problem properly. Lisa worked incredibly hard with us and I learned an immense amount about dog training from her. l left Ash with Lisa over Xmas and as the photo shows (feel free to use Lisas photos) he was able to socialise with two small dogs without a problem! He improved tremendously and the free socialisation classes were very valuable - even if it is to see that you are not alone! i also used the ‘contact us anytime’ service a lot and it was great to have someone at the end of a phone for advice. i am certain that Ash has reached his full potential with the help of Lisa and I am very grateful to her for all the effort that she put in. I would recommend Dogs Listen Up to anyone who has a problem dog or who needs advice on dog behaviour training.
Katie & Charlie, Stainton
Having Debbie as our trainer has been great for us and our standard Schnauzer Charlie. Debbie is a lovely competant person both with dogs and people and makes so much sence with her training methods. We can’t praise her enough and will miss her visits- so will Charlie. Thankyou Debbie.
Paul, Roz & Lola, Carlisle
The twelve week course has proved invaluable and we now have a well trained miniature dachshund pup thanks to the excellent training and advice given to us by Brian. The class was a pleasure to attend and we are already missing all the other dogs and their owners. It was rather sad leaving the last class on Thursday. The training has been informative and useful and Brian made it very entertaining and a pleasure to do. We would highly recommend any dog owner who has a new pup or problem dog to contact Brian
Hilary, Derek & Ozzy, Wigton
We just completed a 12 week training class with our 18 month old Labrador Ozzy, which we have found to be hugely enjoyable and of great benefit to both us and our dog. As Ozzy is quite a nervous dog, we have found that the socalization part of the class has beenof enormous benefit to him. Amongst other things we have learned how to control his pulling on the lead and have seen improvement in this. We can now continue on our own with the work that has been shown in class. Brian has made every class an enjoyable event and his methods of training are very succesful. We have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a dog trainer.
David, Karen, John & Pepsi, Corby Hill
We have enjoyed our 12 week training course with Pepsi and would like to thank Brian and Staff for all the training, I will carry on the training at home. I would recommend Dogs Listen Up to anyone with a dog.
Carol, Matt & Joe, Dalston
Taking our Shelti Joe to Dogs Listen Up has been a very positive experience for all of us. We have learned to be consistent, persistent and patient and have a much better understanding of Joe’s behaviour.

In return, Joe now walks to heel beautifully, has almost mastered the automatic sit, also doing really well with recall. He is much calmer & obedient ( + less selective in his responses ! ) And he also less timid around other dogs + humans. As well as being a really useful course it has been a lot of fun too, thank you to Brian, Lisa & Becky. I think you’ve turned us into competent dog owners!
Kate, Barry, Ryan & Monty, Carlisle
Thought the course was great. The hour just flew by, Monty loved going to the classes as did we. Lisa is lovely & easy to talk to and the way she explains how to train your dog is brillant, and would recommend Dogs Listen Up to anybody wanting a well behaved dog.

Dog taining in the North of England
Dog taining in the North of England   Dog taining in the North of England